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Shhhhhhh Vape Pen

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Vape Pen

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Introducing the sleek and sexy new Shhhhhhh products vaporizer pen, hidden in plain sight.

The Shhhhhhh vape pen features deliciously clean CO2 oil, free from solvents and fillers, available in 4 exquisite flavours. Shhhhhhh oil is proudly produced exclusively from our own flower in pristine Sea-to-Sky country. Each distinct terpene profile has been extracted from live plants for superior flavour and quality. Farm to bowl quality control and lab testing ensure a pleasantly potent experience.

The new Shhhhhhh pen features a ceramic element encased in a glass cartridge and is fitted with a black ceramic mouthpiece. A lithium ion battery powers the element of the pen, and is rechargeable with the included USB charger. Our oil is lab analyzed and has been extensively field tested to provide the most uplifting, yet discreet experience yet. Gone are the days of hiding away in the back shed, the Shhhhhhh vape pen complements everyday life with style and ease.

Available in the following strains: Bubba Pink, Rockstar, Combo Blend (Rockstar & Bubba Pink), and Mango Haze (1:1 CBD:THC).

Please Note

• This is a personal use item. It is not recommended to draw on the pen repeatedly in succession. Allow the element to cool between heavy draws.

• CO2 oil becomes thicker at cooler temperatures. Store at room temperature for best results. Batteries may also react differently in cold weather; keep pen protected and warm in cold weather for best results. Do not use a lighter or anything to heat up your pen; this will void all warranty.


• Charge battery completely as soon as possible. Ensure battery is snugly fit on charger/tip, as required.

• Before you first inhale, keep pen upright for a few minutes.

• Inhale for a few seconds, hold for 2-3 seconds, exhale. Shhhhhhhh.

Wait a few minutes between pulls to realize full effects, this will ensure proper doseage.

• When not in use, store pen in a cool dark place with the mouthpiece upwards – in a mug for example.

• If your atomizer clogs up, turn pen upside down overnight. You might have to suck quite hard to clear the pen.