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Mississippi Sweet

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Mississippi Sweet

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The “Mississippi Sweet Bud” is another amazingly dank hybrid Indica brought forth by the seasoned professionals at the Jordan of the Islands seed company. Combining the original OG Kush with an insanely frosty and dense Burmese landrace produced this easy to cultivate and very strong Indica dominant hybrid that ripens to completion in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors. She most commonly churns out short and sturdy plants that grow quite vigorously, bushing out and filling in with solid amounts of big, thick and super frosty buds that glisten in the sunlight like freshly fallen raindrops. The “Mississippi Sweet Bud” provides it’s user with a rather complex flavor and aroma that starts with a sweet, fruity-like tone before it’s classic OG Kush funk shows up to dominate your palette. Her Indica dominant hybrid high starts off with a bit of a cerebral and slightly psychoactive head buzz that’s soon taken over by a very relaxing body stone that’s sedative and narcotic kick dissolves all your stress as every last muscle is completely put at ease and all your aches and pains are melted away.