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Mango Haze

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Mango Haze

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Mango Haze is a superbly balanced crossbreed, impeccably suited to a focused, energetic and blissful day spent in or outdoors. This complex blend of Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze will greet your nostrils with a pleasantly fruity scent, exemplifying its namesake with a pungent aroma of ripened mangos. A happy, buzzing, dreamlike cerebral sensation can be expected of this sativa-dominant hybrid, with incredible pain relieving & body soothing properties thanks to its 2:1 CBD to THC ratio! Our Mango Haze carries a lab-tested 6% THC content and 13% CBD! Medicinally speaking, this herb is impeccably suited to helping with chronic issues like stress, depression, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite. Mango Haze is a classic choice for communal enjoyment, looks and smells great, and is revered by novice and veteran users alike.