Chronic Pain, Stress, & Chronic

Anyone with chronic pain will tell you how stress levels directly corillate to their level of pain. Mark Jane tell you his story.

Edibles and Massage


After a long week I holler to my neighbour/ pot dealer and ask if he’s got any edibles kicking around the house for my friend with a sbowboarding injury, now that he’s moved everything to his warehouse. He invites me to his home where his elderly father is double boiling chocolate that reeks like weed!

Hangovers Suck


In his latest post Mark Jane gives you his best cure for hangovers. Check it out and give us some feedback

Social Situations And Weed


Mark Jane writes about his experiences and lack of experience in social situations with drugs. have something to say? Give us some feedback.

Nu Phoenix Tears CBD Gel Caps – A Testimonial


One of customer sent in this testimonial tonight by email. Rather than having them put it on the site on the product page I felt like it deserved a post of its own.Read the story and leave us some feedback.

Weed Talk – Part 2


The thrilling conclusion to the story of when Mark Jane, got a ticket for speeding on his way to see a talk about pot. In this post Mark talks about Dr. Neal Melvin’s seminar at the Squamish Public Library on The Neuroscience of Marijuana.

What are Phoenix Tears?


The story of Rick Simpson, The creator/Inventor of Phoenix Tears, AKA Rick Simpson Oil. This is a fascinating story about a man that is fully committed to the cause of gaining back health through the use of CBD.

Weed Talk – part 1


On Monday October 23rd at 6:30 sharp Dr. Neal Melvin, Quest University Life Sciences Tutor (Neuroscience) started his talk called The Neuroscience of Marijuana : the Current State. Our writer, Mark Jane has a few words to say about The Good Dr.’s talk.

How Does The Endocannabinoid System Work?


This video from the talented team at Vice Motherboard talks to Dr. Robert Melamede, CEO of Cannabis Science Inc and Dr. Julie Holland, Author of “The Pot Book” about the Endocannabinoid system and the various roles it plays in our physiological makeup.